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  • Tim McGill

One door closes and another one opens?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

One door closes and another one opens?

Launching my new website today.

I was a man without a chroma-key at the beginning of 2020. A couple months later and I have found at least a part-time green screen at CBS 2 Chicago. It has been a great experience. I am impressed with their operation. Both their morning and evening newscasts won an Emmy for "Outstanding Achievement for News Programming" for 2019.

My Last WGN Selfie

I feel at home at 2 since there are a few friends from my early CLTV days working there including Mary Kay Kleist. She is on the right.

I've had some time in between assignments at 2 to develop what you are looking at. Please be patient as it is a work in progress.

My hope is that I provide a place where you can get a no frills forecast for Chicago but have the opportunity to dive deeper into details if you are a weather geek like me. My YouTube channel will feature some discussions that look into the factors that determined my forecast for the day. I also will post some interviews with other folks that try to forecast the fickle Chicago weather. You will see some familiar and not so familiar faces in those interviews.

Hope you check back here often for more Chicago weather talk.


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