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  • Tim McGill

This Is Getting Ridiculous! Is this March or May?

Seems like we flipped the switch right around the start of April. After four straight months of above average temperatures overall from December through March we saw a sudden shift to cooler than average temperatures for April. May started off mild with a warm weekend of 70s but the cool pattern has come back. Some 60s this Thursday but most of the week highs will fail to get out of the 50s with even some 40s along the lakefront.

It will feel a lot more like March than May this Mother's Day weekend. Highs Saturday and Sunday will be around 15-20° below average. We normally nudge to near 70° by the middle of May but highs will probably be in the lower to middle 50s.

The GFS temperature anomaly forecast for Sunday afternoon has a lot of blue on it. Most of the country will be rather cool for May with highs around 5° to 30° below average. The west remains warm with highs there up to nearly 20° above average.

It's not an exaggeration to say we will be freezing by Saturday morning. Lows Friday night could plummet to the lower 30s for most of us and even some upper 20s well west and northwest of the city.

We will be no where near 70° today. Most areas will be frozen in the 40s with maybe a 50° high well west or south of the city. The HRRR model keeps temps this afternoon about 20° below average.

If you are looking for sunshine, your best bet will be early Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. Best chance of rain will be on and off showers today and then showers and even a few thunderstorms later Sunday into Monday.

Could the switch be flipped back by the middle of May? I have to end today's post with some positivity. GFS forecast for Sunday, May 17 has highs near 80°. Whether the warmer weather will hold or not remains to be seen.

Here is my 7 day forecast: Today: Cloudy, cool, on & off showers High: 47

Wednesday: Partly to mostly cloudy, spotty pm shower? Low: 39 High: 58 (51 Lakefront) Thursday: Sunny start then becoming mostly cloudy Low: 42 High: 62 (54 Lakefront) Friday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 40 High: 50 (45 Lakefront) Saturday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 32 High: 56 (48 Lakefront)

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, scattered showers Low: 40 High: 54

Monday: Mostly cloudy, spotty shower possible Low: 38 High: 53


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