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  • Tim McGill

Pattern Finally Shifting To Warmer Weather!

A few days with highs in the 50s early this week but some 60s by Wednesday, some 70s by Thursday and possibly 80s by early next week. Once it arrives, it looks like this warmer spring pattern will be sticking around.

Keep that in mind while you bundle up on this Monday. Highs for some will fail to reach 50°. A wind off the lake will keep it coolest lakeside with highs only in the middle 40s. South and west of the city highs should climb to the lower to middle 50s but that is still nearly 15° below average.

A warming pattern means periods of unsettled weather with some May showers and thunderstorms. The period periods we will mostly likely deal with rain include Thursday into early Friday and then late Saturday into Sunday. The periods with the most sunshine will include Tuesday and parts of Wednesday, later Friday and early Saturday and then Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

The temperature trend is upwards over the next 7 days. It's about time. April came in about a degree below average and May has started off even cooler.

This month has started off averaging about 5° below average. The average high for this time of year is near 70°. We should hit that mark Thursday and stay at or above average with 70s Friday through the weekend. There will be a breeze off the lake Saturday so it will be cooler again lakeside with 60s there but most areas away from the lake should top 70°.

The warmest temperatures of the year so far should arrive by the middle of next week. The GFS model suggests highs near 80° by Tuesday, May 19th. It then brings lower to middle 80s here on a southwest breeze for Wednesday, May 20th. The longer range forecasts are also finally pointing towards a pattern shift to warmer weather.

For the first time in several weeks bot the 6-10 day and 8-14 day temperature probability forecasts have us favored overall for above average temperatures. So while there could be a day or two of cooler temps the overall outlook for the middle and latter part of May is for warmer than average temperatures.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Mostly, cool, a bit breezy High: 51 (46 Lakefront)

Tuesday: Mostly sunny Low: 38 High: 59 (53 Lakefont)

Wednesday: Partly to mostly cloudy Low: 43 High: 63 (56 Lakefront)

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, sct. showers/t-storms Low: 52 High: 73

Friday: Sct. showers/t-storms early then partly sunny Low: 53 High: 71 (59 Lakefront)

Saturday: Partly to mostly cloudy, sct. shwr/t-strm late? Low: 52 High: 72 (60 Lakefront)

Sunday: Shower/t-storm possible early then partly sunny Low: 54 High: 71 (59 Lakefront)


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