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  • Tim McGill

Northwoods To Get Nailed With Heavy Snow

The Easter Bunny is packing his parka. From Montana to Michigan there are at least 9 states under winter storm watches and warnings as a major early spring snowstorm deepens in the northern plains. Heavy snow will fall Easter Sunday just to our north. Even though the main storm track stays to our north, we can't escape snow entirely.

The Winter Storm Severity Index predicts moderate to major impacts from the storm for northern Wisconsin and the UP. Major impacts mean extensive property damage likely with life saving actions need.

The winter storm watch for northern Wisconsin warns-

The combination of heavy snow and strong winds could result in damage to trees, which may break and take down power lines leading to power outages. Outdoor medical tents may also suffer damage due to the wind, and are at risk of collapse due to the weight of the snow.

The GFS total snowfall accumulation forecast through Monday afternoon has more than a foot of snow projected for the northwoods and the UP. Heavy snow will be whipped around by winds gusting to almost 50 mph. The brunt of the storm will be felt by our neighbors to the north late Sunday into Monday.

We will see little or no snow accumulation here as the rain changes over to snow early Monday morning. Could see a dusting for areas especially north of the city but highs in the 40s Monday mean it wouldn't stick around long. Of greater concern are strong winds accompanying the storm. Strong gusts possible later tonight but the strongest gusts (up to 45 mph) will be seen on Monday.

A dramatic drop in temperatures is coming too as a powerful cold front sweeps through early Monday morning. After some 60s on Sunday the temps will tumble into the lower to middle 30s Monday morning. Highs most of next week will be in the lower to middle 40s which is 10 to 15 degrees below average.

The good news is that a good portion of Saturday will be dry with best chance of rain late today. Much of Easter Sunday will be dry too but there could be some early morning showers and then more rain returning late in the day.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Partly/mostly cloudy, mainly pm sct. showers, breezy High: 64

Sunday: On & off showers, evening t-storm possible Low: 48 High: 62 (57 Lakefront)

Monday: A.M. rain/snow, partly to mostly cloudy, windy Low: 36 High: 44

Tuesday: Partly to mostly cloudy Low: 28 High: 45

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, pm light rain/snow possible Low: 29 High: 44

Thursday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 29 High: 48

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy, pm shower possible Low: 30 High: 50


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