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  • Tim McGill

No Need For Shovels Yet

40s For Third Straight Day

We started our week off today with some light snow. Some minor accumulations on grassy and elevated surfaces today west of the city but no need to for any shovels yet. A "warm up" is coming for the end of the week and this upcoming weekend so our chances for any more snow will fizzle with highs into the 50s again.

Today will be chilly with highs for the third straight day failing to get out of the 40s. The last time we did that was in April so this is the coldest streak in nearly seven months. Look for lower 40s today which is 5° or more below average.

Snow Season Off To Good (?) Start Nationally

While our snow today won't add up to much there will be many parts of the country seeing their first accumulating snow of the season. About a half dozen states from Colorado to Iowa have winter weather advisories or winter storms warnings for up to nearly 10" of snow in some spots.

We are ahead of last year's schedule in terms snow nationally. So far this year (not including today's snow) about 19.2% of the country has snow on the ground averaging about .9" in depth as of Sunday.

This year's snow cover has more than doubled last year's at this time. A year ago Sunday we had 7.5% of the country reporting snow with an average depth of .3". This early accumulation of snow could be good news for snow lovers this winter. Stay tuned.

Milder Pattern For Next Month

After early Monday the chances for snow vanish as highs warm up later this week into the 50s. We should be back to about average over the weekend with highs in the middle 50s.

Our recent cold pattern cold pattern may be coming to an end soon. The 6-10 day temperature probability forecast has us outlooked for about average temperatures overall from October 31st through the November 4th. The longer range 8-14 day forecast has outlooked above average overall from November 2nd through the 8th.

The even long range experimental multi-ensemble model forecasts keep us "mild" well into next month. The forecasts for the week ending November 13th and the week ending November 20th have us outlooked above average too.

Give The Umbrellas A Break

Twelve of the past fifteen days have seen at least a trace of rain. This active pattern could be coming to a close soon. After Monday's light rain and snow the next and only decent chance of precipitation through a week from Wednesday is for some light rain late Thursday into Friday.

The longer range forecasts keep us drier than average through at least the first week of November. The 6-10 day forecast has us outlooked for below average precipitation from October 31st through the November 4th. The longer range 8-14 day also has us favored for below average precipitation from November 2nd through November 8th.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Cloudy, light rain/snow early then light rain High: 42

Tuesday: Becoming partly to mostly sunny Low: 30 High: 45

Wednesday: Mostly sunny Low: 29 High: 54

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, on & off light rain Low: 41 High: 52

Friday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 37 High: 50

Saturday: Mostly sunny Low: 36 High: 58

Sunday: Mostly sunny Low: 41 High: 57



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