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  • Tim McGill

Mostly Dry Week Ahead But Jacket Required

Whether you call it "stir crazy", "climbing the walls" or "cabin fever", most of us have been feeling restless after spending so much time at home. The good news is that most of this upcoming week will be rain free but the bad news is the 60s that have graced us only 5 times so far this year probably won't return at least through next weekend. Friday may flirt with 60 but most of the week will be cooler than average.

The long range outlook through the first week of April has us outlooked for cooler than average temperatures (average high in the lower 50s) through the first week of April. The arrival of warmer weather won't just make us feel better but it could also help battle COVID-19. Studies continue to show the virus struggles with warmer weather.

I've been using meteograms to display a timeline of weather conditions to get a clearer understanding of when there will be windows of opportunity weatherwise that will allow us to get outside.

Notice very few green bars this upcoming week. They represent potential rainfall. After spotty showers today the next decent chance of rain isn't until Saturday according to this GFS model run. The blue bands above the green bars correspond to cloud cover. The more blue at different levels, the more sunshine during those periods. There should be at least partial sunshine for several days during the work week.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Cloudy, colder & windy with spotty showers High: 48

Monday: Partly to mostly sunny, breezy Low: 37 High: 48

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy Low: 34 High: 47

Wednesday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 36 High: 49

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, chance of light rain Low: 38 High: 56

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy Low: 44 High: 60

Saturday: Mostly cloudy, on & off showers Low: 37 High: 49


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