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  • Tim McGill

Mild Monday But Warming Up Fast This Week

After eleven straight days with temperatures above average the last three days in a row at O'Hare have been below average. This cool down won't last long though. We should be right around average today and then see temperatures soar to near 90° by Wednesday.

Today's highs will be a bit below average but a few degrees warmer than Sunday. Look for middle 70s for most areas but cooler upper 60s along the lakefront.

While the heat builds this week the humidity will be kept fairly in check. The dew point is the preferred measurement of moisture for most meteorologists. It's related to but different from relative humidity. Simply put, the dew point is the temperature the air has to be cooled in order to become saturated.

If the air temperature drops below its dew point then condensation will form. The higher the dew point the more uncomfortable it feels. The highest the dew points will get this week is in the lower 60s. That is about the point it starts to get just a bit sticky. Most of this week the dew points will be in the upper 50s. The hourly forecast of temperature and heat index (what it feels like when temperature and humidity are both considered) are nearly in sync. So heat index values will just about match the air temperature this week.

Looking longer range the temperature outlook for the end of the month suggests near normal temperatures overall from June 10th through the 29th.

The forecast that was issued on the last day of May for June has been verifying well so far for Chicago. We are 5.1° above average so far this month at O'Hare and we've seen only .77" of rain compared to an average through the middle of the month of 1.68". We were outlooked for above average temperatures this month and near to below average precipitation.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Sunny skies, mild & pleasant High: 75 (67 Lakefront)

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, warmer Low: 58 High: 84 (80 Lakefront)

Wednesday: Sunny skies Low: 63 High: 86 (81 Lakefront)

Thursday: Mostly sunny, hot Low: 65 High: 90 (84 Lakefront)

Friday: Partly to mostly sunny, hot Low: 68 High: 91

Saturday: Partly cloudy, sct. showers & t-storms Low: 67 High: 84

Sunday: Partly cloudy, sct. showers & t-storms Low: 68 High: 83



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