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  • Tim McGill

Grab The Shovel But Watch Your Heart

Heart Attack Snow Totals

Abbreviated version of my blog today. Took me nearly two hours to get home from the city last night. Roads were a mess! I normally would sleep in on Sundays and take a day off from the blog but wanted to update the snow totals.

Looking Out At My Deck Today

As of 8 AM Sunday I had just under 8" of new snow on my deck. The snow was as advertised and continues to come down although it has lightened up compared to last night. Over exertion from shoveling snow is one of the leading causes of death when it comes to winter storms. The water content with this snow is very high which means this a heavy wet snow. Colder air has coming in behind the storm so the snow should be a bit fluffier today.

Here are some other storm totals as of 8 AM:

7.7" Schaumburg

8.5" Rennselaer

9.0" Peotone

5.8" Chicago Loop

6.5" Oak Lawn

8.5" Crown Point

5.7" Lakewood

7.5" DeKalb

8.0" Antioch

6.5" Genoa

Lighter snow will linger today with an additional 1" to 3" but a few spots could see up to 4".

Stay safe everyone and have a great Sunday.


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