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  • Tim McGill

From Morning Frost To Near 80° By Wednesday

Chill Won't Last Long

We woke today up to the coldest temperatures we've seen in four months. Aurora and West Chicago dropped to 37° and Kankakee dipped to 39°. It was cold enough for some patchy frost away from the city and especially in northern Indiana. This fall chill in the air won't last long as a warm up is underway. Yesterday was the first day with below average temperatures after 6 days in a row at or above average. The month is now running about 1° above average.

Average highs this time of the year are around 74°. Today we'll settle for 60s. Highs today will reach into the lower to middle 60s.

It's all up hill from here though, at least through the end of next week. Highs will warm from today's 60s to near 80° by the middle of the week.

Once we warm back above average we could stay relatively warm through the start of October. Both the 6-10 day and 8-14 day temperature probability forecasts have us outlooked for above average temperatures overall from September 24th through October 2nd.

Looking really long range the rest of fall could stay relatively warm. The latest temperature probability forecast for this season shows we are outlooked for above average temperatures (as is most of the country) through November.

Today will be the 6th straight day with no rainfall after our soggy start to September. The chance for any significant rain remains very low through most of next week. The drought that had diminished earlier in the month will deepen again.

Smoke Returns Soon

Western wildfire smoke will waft back into our skies later Sunday. The jet stream flow will carry the smoke aloft back over the midwest later tomorrow. The Expiremental HRRR-Smoke forecast has it moving into the western part of Illinois late tonight. So look for that smoke to give the skies a milky and hazy look tomorrow afternoon.

Dry Pattern Hangs Around

This dry pattern could stick around through early October. The 6-10 day and 8-14 day precipitation probability forecasts have us outlooked for below average rainfall overall from September 24th through October 2nd.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Sunny skies, cool High: 65

Sunday: Sunny skies Low: 48 High: 70

Monday: Mostly sunny Low: 51 High: 75

Tuesday: Mostly sunny Low: 56 High: 77

Wednesday: Mostly sunny Low: 58 High: 79

Thursday: Partly to mostly sunny, shower late Low: 60 High: 80

Friday: Sunny skies Low: 50 High: 73



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