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  • Tim McGill

Dramatic Drop In Temps Coming

The National Weather Service has confirmed that the summer of 2020 was a scorcher. The average temperatures (average maximum plus average minimum divided by two) was 76.7°. It was also the 29th driest on record with 7.75" of rain. That is 4.3" below average.

So after such a steamy summer next week's dramatic drop in temperatures will come as a real shock to our collective systems. Same old story today though. Highs will be above average in the middle 80s.

We should stay at least seasonably warm (highs near 80°) through the weekend. The cooler pattern arrives on Labor Day with the coolest air to come during the middle and end to next week.

I can't remember the last time I saw this much dark blue showing up on the 6-10 day temperature probability forecast. It suggests with certainty Chicago and the midwest will see temperatures below average overall from September 7th through the 11th. The 8-14 day calls for this cooler pattern to linger through the middle of the month.

How cool will it get? It might be the coolest weather we've experienced since the middle of May. Highs at some point next week may fail to get out of the 50s and lows may fall into the 40s at least. That would be the coolest weather in over three months. The GFS model has afternoon temperatures only in the middle 50s a week from today.

Some much needed rain finally fell on Tuesday with a range of a few tenths of an inch to a little over an inch reported. Our next chance of rain doesn't come until Sunday though. So despite the recent rain we may still see an expansion of the moderate drought that developed a few weeks ago for parts of the area. The US Drought Monitor will issue their updated report on Thursday.

The are signs that more rain cold be coming though in the longer range precipitation probability forecast. The 6-10 day forecast has us outlooked for above average precipitation between September 7th through the 11th. The 8-14 day have us outlooked for below average precipitation for September 9th through the 15th.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Partly to mostly sunny High: 85

Thursday: Mostly sunny, breezy Low: 65 High: 84

Friday: Mostly sunny Low: 58 High: 78

Saturday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 59 High: 81

Sunday: Partly cloudy, sct. showers & t-storms Low: 62 High: 82

Monday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 60 High: 70

Tuesday: Partly to mostly cloudy, pm sct. showers Low: 54 High: 63



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