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  • Tim McGill

Currently: A New Way To Look At Weather

A Forecast & Much More

I am proud to be a contributor to "Currently", a new Twitter weather service. Meteorologist and science journalist Eric Holthaus has assembled what Twitter calls their "largest collective of writers and experts we've launched with" to build a new weather service platform.

"Currently" is described as "a community of people sharing resources and delivering justice, hope, connection, safety, and resilience in a world in urgent need of systemic action."

Each evening a short message will come to our subscriber's email inbox with a forecast made by a meteorologist in the city you select. What makes our service unique is that all forecasts are generated by that city's local weather expert. The forecast may also include "a news story, a poem, a meme, a short video, or a call to action."

Eric's vision for "Currently" is to share the joy of being alive at this particular moment in history, and be there with you no matter what the weather. We are launching with several big cities and adding more every day.

Our newsletters are made possible because of Twitter's recent acquisition of the newsletter service "Revue".

"Currently" will have both a free version and a monthly paid subscription version. For $10 a month the service lets subscribers pose questions to our team of meteorologists with a guaranteed response. We want "Currently" to be by your side through the storms that are sure to come. We want to form a community that includes everyone casual weather information consumers to hardcore weather geeks. We will not only follow and provide valuable information on day to day storms but also keep you posted on how climate change is impacting people all over our country.

I'll keep posting my detailed discussions about Chicago's weather each day right here on ChicagoWeatherTalk.com but would love for you to check out my latest project and see what's happening with the weather and climate around the country.


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