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  • Tim McGill

Cooler Weather About To Come To A Close

It seemed more like September this morning than August with areas west of Chicago waking up to 40s for lows.

Yesterday's high failed to hit 80° coming in just under at 79°. So we saw back to back 70s for highs between Monday and Tuesday. This was the coolest couple of days we have seen in nearly 8 weeks. We have to go back to the first week of June to find back to back 70s.

Today could make it three days in a row we fail to hit 80°. It will be a close call. The HRRR model is showing highs on this Wednesday afternoon in the upper 70s to near 80°. If you like your summers a bit cooler then you better enjoy it while you can. Warmer and more humid weather is right around the corner and it might stick around for several days if not weeks.

Highs on Thursday should be back in the 80s and the warm up continues through the weekend and into the start of next week. The GFS model is show highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s by Monday. The increase in temperatures will be accompanied by an increase in humidity too.

The GFS model is suggesting dew points could climb into the 70s by Monday. That is getting into the oppressive category when it comes to humidity.

The next few days should feature plenty of sunshine. Our next chance for rain is a spotty shower or thunderstorm late Saturday but better chances for at least scattered showers and thunderstorms are coming Sunday. A more active pattern arrives early next week with chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Once the heat and humidity build back this week it could stick around through at least the middle of this month. Consistent signals from the 6-10 and 8-14 day temperature probability forecasts have us outlooked for above average temperatures overall several days out. These forecasts cover August 10th through the 18th.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Partly to mostly sunny High: 78

Thursday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 60 High: 78 (75 Lakefront)

Friday: Sunny skies Low: 62 High: 84 (78 Lakefront)

Saturday: Sun & cloud mix, isolated shower/t-storm possible Low: 67 High: 88

Sunday: Partly cloudy, pm sct. showers/t-storms Low: 70 High: 90

Monday: Partly cloudy, pm sct. showers/t-storms Low: 70 High: 92

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, pm sct. showers/t-storms Low: 72 High: 89



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