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  • Tim McGill

Cooler After Today But Warmer Looking Long Range

A wide range of temps on this Wednesday. A wind off of Lake Michigan means lower 50s near the lakefront but away from the lake we'll see 60s and even near 70 well south of the city. This will be the warmest day until Tuesday. You might have to dodge some showers early and late today but there will be some dry hours to enjoy.

Below is the meteogram plot for O'Hare with cloud cover on top and possible rainfall on the bottom. Three different levels of cloud cover are forecast. The more blue means the clearer the skies. Notice next Sunday through Monday and Wednesday into Friday the blues are stacked at all three levels indicating abundant sunshine in the forecast for those periods. The green bars represent the amount of rain forecast for the time shown. A red bar within the green bar indicates a chance of thunder. Showers will be scattered on and off today with a rumble of thunder possible late today. Spotty showers tomorrow with rain more likely during the first part of Saturday and then tapering off. The forecast calls for dry weather Sunday and Monday next week as well as most of Wednesday and Thursday.

After today, cooler than average temperatures are expected through Monday. 11 of 21 days this month have been below average and overall, April has been -.1° below average. If April comes in below average for the month, it will be the first month since November to fall below average. It might be the last to come in below average for quite some time.

Climate Prediction Center Three-Month Temperature Outlooks

Could April end up being the last cooler than average month here for the year? The Climate Prediction Center's three month forecasts starting with May, June and July and through October, November and December have most of (if not all) of the US outlooked for above average temperatures overall. It's remarkable that there is no blue or probability of below average temperatures on any of these forecasts for any part of our country. It doesn't mean there won't be some cooler than average days or periods but overall, average for the month, the outlook is for overall all above average temperatures from May through December.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Mostly cloudy, on & off showers, pm t-storm possible High: 62 (57 Lakefront)

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, spotty showers Low: 47 High: 57 (51 Lakefront)

Friday: Mostly cloudy Low: 42 High: 56 (48 Lakefront)

Saturday: Mostly cloudy, chance of rain mainly early Low: 43 High: 54 (48 Lakefront)

Sunday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 38 High: 52 (47 Lakefront)

Monday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 38 High: 54 (48 Lakefront)

Tuesday: Chance of rain early Low: 42 High: 62


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