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  • Tim McGill

Climbing The Walls Yet? Best Times To Get Outside.

There will be a few better windows of opportunity to get outside over the next 7 days. First my forecast then I will outline the best times to take a break and escape to the great outdoors.

Tuesday: Becoming partly cloudy High: 46 (42 lakefront)

Wednesday: Partly to mostly cloudy Low: 37 High: 58 (53 lakefront)

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, showers possible late Low: 43 High: 50 (44 lakefront)

Friday: On & off showers Low: 38 High: 49 (43 lakefront)

Saturday: Mostly cloudy, sct. showers (t-storm possible) Low: 44 High: 64

Sunday: Shower early then becoming mostly sunny Low: 40 High: 52

Monday: Mostly sunny Low: 36 High: 52

Trying to find the right combination of warmer temperatures and dry weather is tricky. The two don't coincide much over the next several days. The above image is a meteogram displaying several forecast variables through April 2. It is another way to display forecast data through time that for this blog purpose is easier to interpret. Notice the green bars at the bottom of the image. Those correspond to the rainfall expected during the time period shown. The red bar within a green bar means thunderstorms could also be present at those times. Saturday, March 28th has the best chance of thunderstorms, especially later in the day. Unfortunately it also lines up with warmest temperatures but there could be a break from the rain later in the day. Saturday's highs should push well into the 60s.

We could get into a "dry slot" at some point later Saturday. The image below shows the showers and possible thunderstorms lifting north of the area by Saturday evening. Precipitation is depicted as light (lighter shades of blue) to heavy (yellow and orange). Timing this out is difficult at this forecast range but we might get a few hours of warmer weather without rain.

Precipitation Forecast For Late Saturday
Precipitation Forecast For Late Saturday

Here are a few periods over the next 7 days to think about taking a break and head outdoors:

  • Later this afternoon. It will be cool (40s) but some sun will be breaking through.

  • Wednesday. Peeks of sun and not as cool with upper 50s.

  • Thursday from late morning through most of the afternoon. Cloudy & cool but dry.

  • Saturday late in the afternoon but confidence this far out is a little lower in the forecast.

Take care and stay safe!


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