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  • Tim McGill

Big Weekend Snow Still Staying North

Models are honing in on a major spring snowstorm that will dump heavy snow across the upper midwest this weekend. The northwoods of Wisconsin are bracing for up to possibly a foot of snow. The Chicago area isn't necessarily out of the woods though with some snow expected here late Sunday night into early Monday morning.

The GFS total snowfall accumulation forecast through Monday afternoon shows a swath of heavy snow (more than 5") from central Iowa through much of Wisconsin on up into the UP.

These numbers will be refined closer to the event and will no doubt change but the point is there will be major impacts to that region.

The experimental "Winter Storm Severity Index" depicts moderate impacts in the plains from this storm and at this point only limited impacts for our neighbors to the north. That will change as the storm approaches with most likely at least moderate impacts for much of Wisconsin and the UP for later this weekend.

The O'Hare meteogram spits out some measurable snow for early Monday morning. The storm will be pulling away by then and the moisture probably limited but a dusting or coating of snow can't be ruled out. The ground is relatively warm and with highs in the 40s Monday it wouldn't last long. Still a ways out and needs to be monitored.

What is more certain is Green Bay getting some significant snow as they lie right in the heart of the swath of heavier snow. Most models suggesting between 6 to 8 inches could be coming to Packerland.

Unseasonably cold air will follow in the wake of the weekend storm and by Tuesday morning temperatures will be nearly 20° below average. Lows Tuesday morning will be in the upper 20s.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Partly to mostly sunny, breezy High: 49

Saturday: Mostly cloudy, mainly pm sct. showers Low: 38 High: 56

Sunday: On & off showers, evening t-storm possible Low: 45 High: 55 (47 Lakefront)

Monday: A.M. rain/snow, partly to mostly cloudy, windy Low: 36 High: 44

Tuesday: Partly to mostly cloudy Low: 28 High: 45

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. pm light rain/snow possible Low: 29 High: 45

Thursday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 29 High: 48

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