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  • Tim McGill

Big Warm Up Early Next Week

It could potentially be the warmest weather we have seen in over 5 months. Early next week it looks like we will string together three days with highs at least in the 60s with even a 70° high or two possible for some of us. That hasn't happened since the middle of October last year.

The map below from Climate Reanalyzer shows the temperature anomaly for Tuesday, April 7th. The GFS model is forecasting temperatures between 20-25° above average. That would mean lower to middle 70s. Monday's highs will probably be in the 60s and Wednesday's highs could be in the 70s. That would be the warmest three straight days since the middle of October. If the high on either Tuesday or Wednesday climbs above 70° it would represent the warmest day since October 1st of last year.

March is in the record books now and it marked the 4th straight above average month in terms of temperatures. Every month since December has been above average with March 4.9° overall above average. 71% of days since December 1st has been above average and that above average trend overall should continue as I blogged about yesterday.

I've highlighted the warm period early next week on the meteogram above. Notice how it corresponds to an unsettled period with the possibility of thunderstorms Monday through at least Wednesday. The green spikes mark the rainfall possible during the period shown and the red spike within it means the possibility of thunder. So we may have to dodge some showers and thunderstorms in the middle of our warm up.

Here is my 7 day forecast:

Today: Mostly cloudy, peeks of sun High: 50 (45 Lakefront)

Thursday: Partly to mostly cloudy Low: 35 High: 59 (52 Lakefront)

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy Low: 44 High: 62 (58 Lakefront)

Saturday: Showers mainly early, mostly cloudy Low: 42 High: 52

Sunday: Partly to mostly sunny Low: 39 High: 56 (50 Lakefront)

Monday: Mostly cloudy, sct. showers Low: 44 High: 65 (60 Lakefront)

Tuesday: Partly to mostly cloudy, a few showers Low: 52 High: 71 (65 Lakefront)


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